UK Muslim Leaders Urge Muslims in the UK to Vote in Upcoming General Elections

July 3, 2024

All praises belong to Allah, Lord of the Worlds. And peace and blessings be upon the Messenger of Allah

Legal Disclaimer: This letter is of a political nature – not of a religious nature – and we all write this in our personal capacities. You are free to disagree with us in exercising your political freedoms and we are not making any claim that following our recommendations is righteous and opposing them is sinful – that is up to Allah to judge.

We, the undersigned Muslims leaders, activists, scholars and academics from across the UK, call upon the Muslim community to vote in the upcoming general elections and to oust the incumbent and prospective genocide supporters.

The general elections represent a pivotal moment for the Muslim community. With mainstream political parties increasingly implicated in policies and actions that many perceive as supporting genocide and human rights abuses, it is crucial for Muslims to exercise their democratic power and vote.

Muslims hold significant influence, and our collective voice can bring about meaningful change. By voting, we can ensure that our concerns are heard and addressed. It is strongly advised for every eligible voter to participate in this democratic process.

The Muslim Vote, an organisation dedicated to empowering the Muslim community through political engagement and with widespread Muslim civil society support, has endorsed candidates who stand for justice, equality, and the protection of human rights. We urge you to check the list of candidates endorsed by The Muslim Vote and support them with your vote.

In constituencies where there are multiple candidates, we encourage the community to unite behind the single Muslim Vote candidate who best represents our values and interests, maximising our impact and ensuring our voice is strong and cohesive. Even if you may personally disagree – go with the jama’ah to maintain unity and send a stronger message.

Together, we can make a difference. Let us unite and vote for a future that respects and upholds the rights and dignity of all people.

Signed (each in their individual capacity and not representing any masjid or charity) by:

Shaykh Haitham al Haddad
Mufti Abdur Rahman
Shaykh Zahir Mahmood
Mufti Yusuf Shabbir
Ml Yasir al Hanafi
Ml Muhammad Tahir
Sir Iqbal Sacranie
Sufyan Ismail (MEND)
Raghad Altikriti, MAB Chair
Anas Altikriti (Cordoba Foundation)
Sheikh Fadel Soliman
Ibrahim Khan (IFG)
Shinaz Navas (Guider App)
Ibrahim Javed (Deen Developers)
Abdul-Rahman Abbas (Pillars)
Omar Kassim (Nomod)
Sadiq Dorasat (Muslim Census)
Dr Salman Butt (Islam21C)
Shahzad Younus (Muzz)
Afzal Ahmed
Shaykh Khalil
Sajid Patel
Mawlana Mahfuz Ahmed
Shah Muaz Ahmed
Shah Hamzah Ahmed
Muhammad Anas Khan
Qasim Hussain
Ahmed Zaman
Areeb Khan
Sami Choudhury
Zakir Umar
Mufti Mohammed Dilwar Hussain   
Mohmed Anas
Imam Anas A
Siddique Ahmed
Ajmal Hussain
Imran Patel
Mufti Zubair Patel
Shah Muhammed Anas
Aadil Jabir
Azhar Qayum (MEND)
Asif Afsar
Fadel Soliman (Bridges foundation)
Junaid Dar
Suliman Gani
Abdul Khabir
Shaykh Ashiq
Yusuf Ghumra
Ali-Haider Abdul Rashid
Farook Subedar
Shaykh Abdullah Abdussamee (MAB)
Ust Waseem Khan
Fayas Ahamed
Rizwan Rashid (iWill Solicitors)
Umar Hussain
Azhar Muhammad (Ad-Duha Institute)
Imaam Shuaib Desai
Saif Uddin
Muhammad Sarfraz Madni
Imam Mohammed Abubakar
Dr Afzal Mohammed
Shaykh Bilal Brown
Mohammed Khalilullah
Mufti Yousaf Baig
Muhammad Shuaib
Saleem Ahmed (As-Suffa Relief)
Imam Ashrafali
Shaykh Ayman abed
Yusuf Patel (Muslim Family Initiative)
Syed hussain
Mohammed Mehdi
Haroon Rashid
Sattar Munaffer
Adil Yusuf (Masjid al Falah, Ilford)
Muhammad Ashraf
Shabir Valimahomed
Asif Ahmed
Yusuf Patel
Arshad Daud
Moulana Abdul Muqtadir
Dr Mahmoud Attiya
Pir AbdurRahman Saab
Ijaz Khan
Umair Malik
Umer Suleman

To add your name to this list if you are a Muslim leader fill in this form.

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