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Muslims are everyday Brits, and we want what is best for Britain

We don't want to reinvent the wheel. Many civil society organisations that have grassroots backing from the Muslim community have already proposed intelligent pledges that political parties should be getting behind. Our pledges draw from from their work.

High Level Pledges

Peace in Palestine

Ceasefire, sanction Israel, and a state for the Palestinians.

Discrimination Ended

Root out Islamophobia and discrimination across our healthcare, education, political, media, employment and justice systems.

Funding to end inequities

Substantial increase in funding and investment for the NHS, local businesses, home building and home ownership in the 10% poorest constituencies in the UK.

Detailed Pledges


  • Ceasefire
  • Recognition of the State of Palestine
  • Lifting the siege and occupation of Gaza
  • Strengthening laws barring bilateral British trade with Settlements
  • Denying Visas to Israeli politicians and militants involved in settlement expansion
  • Sanctions on all companies named by the UN as operating in occupied territories


  • Increase council and public health funding for the 10% most deprived areas in the country to finally address systemic and chronic health inequities as detailed in the Marmot Review and revisited by the Health Foundation 10 years later.
  • Commission research on structural inequalities faced by faith communities in accessing healthcare. (CPF Pledge)

Policing & Justice

Commit to addressing structural and institutional Islamophobia, misogyny, and racism within policing and the justice system, including the disproportionate application of policing powers on minority communities; accurately recording hate crime; and increasing diversity and cultural sensitivity across the justice system, including through mandatory unconscious bias training. (CPF Pledge)

Islamophobia & Discrimination

  • The adoption of the APPG on British Muslims’ definition of Islamophobia. (CPF Pledge)
  • A review into the implementation of the Public Sector Equality Duty


  • Issuance of Department for Education guidance on the protection of the right of all students to wear religious symbols and observe obligatory religious rituals such as prayer, including Friday prayers.
  • Issuance of Department for Education guidance to schools and academies reflecting that cultural and religious sensitivity must be taken into account when discussing LGBT matters, particularly by schools in areas where the majority of the community are from a religious background. This should include proactive and meaningful parental consultation, particularly concerning issues such as the teaching of RSE.

Finance & Investment

  • Deliver the pledged Alternative Student Finance Product.
  • Ensure sharia-compliant pensions are available in all workplaces.
  • Ensure insurance premiums do not discriminate against ethnic minorities.
  • Commit 7% of the LGPS and other public sector pension pots to ethical and sharia-compliant investments and fund managers, reflecting the Muslim population and ESG goals.

Further detail on pledges here.

Security & Counter-Terror

  • Commit to rejecting the recommendations of the Shawcross Review of PREVENT and instead implementing the recommendations of the People’s Review of PREVENT and engaging with the eventual recommendations of the Independent Commission on UK Counter-Terrorism Law, Policy, and Practice. (CPF Pledge)
  • Remove the divisive “extremism” definition and for government to constructively engage with grassroots Muslim organisations enjoying popular support.


Implement a monitoring programme to introduce meaningful action plans aimed at tackling racial, religious, and disability based discrimination at all levels of recruitment, retention, and promotion, particularly concerning the structural inequalities faced by Muslim women. (CPF Pledge)


Commit to the full implementation of the Royal Charter system and supporting amendments to the Online Safety Bill ensuring that i) the exemption for comments sections is removed; ii) recognised news publishers are defined as only those regulated by a recognised regulator under the Royal Charter system; iii) the online safety objectives are updated to include explicit protection for human rights; and iv) the powers of the Secretary of State to direct Ofcom are removed, with the singular exception of matters relating to national security. (CPF Pledge)

Political Participation

  • Reject the Economic Activity of Public Bodies (Overseas Matters) Bill and other legislation designed to stifle legitimate activism in support of Uyghurs, Palestinians, Kashmiris, and other oppressed peoples. (CPF Pledge)
  • Commit to protecting the human right to protest free of hindrance, crackdown, or unfair restriction.
  • Remove the archaic “spiritual influence” offence from statute.
illustration of 3 people conversating

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