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An unprecedented coming-together of Muslim oganisations

We are a dynamic coalition of organisations and individuals, each contributing various skills, expertise, and capabilities for our community.

Our goal is simple

This election signals a shift for Muslims – no more political apathy. We will no longer tolerate being taken for granted. We are a powerful, united force of 4 million acting in unison.

We are focused on seats where the Muslim vote can influence the outcome. We are here for the long term. In 2024, we will lay the foundations for our community’s political future.

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What we do?

We're at your service. We can provide:

Political Strategy

We help you determine whether your local area should put up an independent. Which party should you back?

Political Education

We will come in and talk you through your local constituency data with our proprietary analysis. We will share with you our step-by-step guide to organising a local campaign.

Selection Panel Advice

Not sure how you should choose, due diligence, and question independent candidates? We can help with advice and even come in to provide experienced panel members.


Join our Whatsapp community and your local campaign will get the latest electoral updates and keep completely in step with all the other campaigns going on around the country.


We have a group of world class developers ready to serve your campaign. Our sign up flows, data visualisations and social media alerts will help all campaigns.


We have a ready bank of thousands of volunteers ready to help you out in your campaign. From knocking on doors, to media outreach, to crafting political materials and more.


If you need local polling, we can assist. This can then help pave your election strategy and create media interest.

Marketing/Social Media

Our campaign supporters collectively reach over 20m. We can help get your message out. We can help you craft a high quality social media strategy.

Legal Advice

We have multiple pro bono legal organisations ready to help you navigate the legal issues that political campaigning inevitably comes.


We will support you and work with you to secure the funding you need for your local campaigns.

Frequently asked questions

  • No, we are a loose collective. Our principal aims are to educate and mobilise at the grassroots.

  • This is not a religious campaign - it is a political one.

    We are not religious scholars - we are not here to sermonise. We are here to talk about civil rights and policies and give advisory guidance in a non-judgemental way to our audience.

    If you want to disagree with our advisory guidance - that’s also cool. It doesn’t make you any less Muslim. We do however always encourage you to engage in the political process. Muslims must be engaged across the political spectrum - not absent from it.

    Of course, all of us are inspired by our Islamic faith in being good citizens and standing up for our community (Muslim and non-Muslim), but the TMV is simply a campaign to effect political change on issues that affect Muslims. We seek broad support from all allies - of all persuasions.

  • Our philosophy is really simple: if none of the candidates are pro-Palestine, pro-peace, then we need to work harder to convince them otherwise. Alternative parties typically will back these stances however, so in almost all seats you should be able to vote for at least someone. Contact us for training on how to lobby your local candidates.

  • TMV has become a movement and it is inspiring others across the country to set things up. However we are not in any way affiliated any other organisation even if it is carrying the “Muslim vote” name.

    We do not control them and are not connected to them.

  • We are ambitious but realistic. 2024 is the first time the Muslim community is organising - and this alone is a big victory for future elections. Ultimately success is that the Muslim vote acts as one and emphatically supports those who backed the ceasefire and protests against those who did not.

illustration of 3 people conversating

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We are the largest Muslim political campaign ever set up in the history of the British Muslim community.

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