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Muslims are weak - because we are uncoordinated. Data makes us stronger. It's time Muslims owned our own data rather than being manipulated by politicians who do not stand for our values. Help us build the database that lets us take back control.

Our goal is simple

This election signals a shift – Muslim issues at the forefront. We will no longer tolerate being taken for granted. We are a powerful, united force of 4 million acting in unison.

We are focused on seats where the Muslim vote can influence the outcome. We are here for the long term. In 2024, we will lay the foundations for our community’s political future.

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How you can help

Our movement is only as strong as the incredible community brings it to life.

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For public

This unprecedented movement relies on your support and engagement.

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For organisations

Make community impact, leverage your resources, and align with a powerful campaign.

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For volunteers

Whatever your skill set, we should be able to find a home for you to give back.

We are not just a movement of talk. We mean business.

For the first time, the Muslim community has united and is acting as one at the ballot box, and we've come well-prepared.


We have access to funding to drive our impactful campaigns.


We command an audience of 20 million monthly visitors through our affiliated organisations, amplifying our influence.


Our dedicated volunteers will be coming to a doorstep near you.

This is a broad community campaign that has deep backing.

Civil society organisations, businesses, media outlets, and ally campaigns all move in backstep with our vision.

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Frequently asked questions

  • We are a very broad collective and so enjoy the support of a huge portion of the Muslim community. Do we speak for every last Muslim? No. Is there diversity of views within our collective? Yes. But one thing we are all united on is that the Muslim vote matters and it needs to be taken seriously by the UK’s political class.

  • Our supporting organisations enjoy the support of millions of Muslims all over the country. We are a collective of the grassroots.

    Our technology partners are from our community and have helped build websites that handle hundreds of millions of pounds every year and tens of millions of visitors every month.

  • No. We want the Muslim voice heard across the political spectrum - on issues like Palestine and much more. Beyond this, we look to create viable grassroots political infrastructure in our communities. We are open to engaging with all from all political persuasions who want to genuinely work with us.

  • Our focus at The Muslim Vote is about working towards unity and coordination across our community. Importantly - that means respecting and empowering local communities.

    In Muslim-heavy areas we are tapped into the local community leadership and local organisations. We work with these groups, informed by data, and informed by the advice of our senior advisory council to come to a consensus candidate.

  • No, we are a loose collective. Our principal aims are to educate and mobilise at the grassroots.

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We are the largest Muslim political campaign ever set up in the history of the British Muslim community.

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